Monday, January 23, 2012

Frozen Yoh-Gurt Bar & Frozen Mochi

From Yoh-Froz.

The first is a Classic Yoh-Froz Yogurt bar covered with milk chocolate and crispy rice puffs. We loved the play on texture: smooth yogurt, crispy rice puffs, rough chocolate shell. What we didn't like though was the chocolate itself. It was too milky. We prefer our chocolate bittersweet.

The Yoh-Froz Frozen Mochi was a winner! The Japanese rice ball itself had good, manageable stickiness (it wasn't hard or tricky to eat). It also had the right amount of blandness to showcase the frozen yogurt filling. There are many yogurt filling flavors to choose from: Classic, Strawberry, Red Mongo, Green Tea, etc. We chose the Classic.

Go to Yoh-Froz and try their new dessert offerings.

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  1. i wanna try their mochi! im addicted to MOCHIKO now!