Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pan de Amerikana

Place: We loved the rustic decor of the place: suspended tree branches, potted plants, a small wooden bridge over a wishing pond. We also appreciated the tinge of quirkiness, what with the upside down piano, chairs, and tables stuck to the ceiling, as well as the inverted facade of the restaurant. We just wished that the dining chairs and tables were more stable and spacious.

Food: Food was generally delicious and fresh. We ordered the Everlasting Llanera (Php 170), Fresh Lumpia (Php 40), Pinaputok na Tilapia with Rice (Php 75), and their famous 1950s Pan de sal.

The Everlasting Llanera was O-K. It was a tad too moist, a little watery. And it crumbled too easily. And it lacked some ingredients that an authentic Everlasting has: hardboiled eggs, sausages, and bell peppers. Its taste was amply satisfying. It made for good filling for the pan de sal.

Speaking of filling, the pan de sal was the one that gave us satisfaction. Just one piece of this delicious pan de sal, which is made of wheat flour, brown sugar, and organic salt, made our tummies full and happy. Baked with firewood, the bread had hints of that rustic, burnt taste. Its softness was also just right.

Another dish that made us happy was the Pinaputok na Tilapia with Rice. Imagine, for Php 75, we had a perfectly cooked fish with a VERY TASTY fried rice. That's what we enjoyed eating actually, the fried rice. Its taste was punctuated and it wasn't too oily.

Lastly, the Fresh Lumpia. The nutty, soy-based sauce was delicious, so was the ubod-based filling. We wished though that there were more filling and less of the wrapper. The lumpia wrapper just was too thick!

Must-eats: Fried rice, pan de sal

Price: Considering serving size, taste, and quality, food here is pretty cheap.

Service: OK. Wished that the waiters would smile though.

Pan de Amerikana is located along Katipunan Ave., Quezon City (going to White Plains).

Saturday, January 28, 2012

First Time: Chatime

Finally, we got to try Chatime milk tea. We chose the Pearl Milk Tea as our virgins' drink, and we ordered one of their latest offerings, the Banana Milk Tea.

The Pearl Milk Tea was delicious. There was a good flavor balance between the milk and the tea; the tea flavor wasn't too strong nor too deep to overpower the milk and the whole drink.

The Banana Milk Tea was a delight to sip. The concoction was bursting with natural banana sweetness. It reminded us of breakfast (Cereal, banana, and milk. Right?). YUMMY!

Hopefully we can go back to Chatime to try the other things on the menu.

Chatime is on the ground floor of Robinsons Galleria.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Amande Chocolat

By Royce'.

Fresh, crisp almonds, coated with REALLY GOOD milk chocolate, dusted with cacao powder.

We love the beautiful marriage of flavors present in each piece: mild sweetness from the milk chocolate, subtle bitter taste from the cacao powder (balancing the sweetness and adding depth), and a tinge of roast flavor from the almonds. DELICIOUS!

We also like the fact that the chocolate coating is not thick, giving us a good chocolate-to-almond ratio with every bite.

Pay a visit to Royce' and try these treats. Now!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moonleaf Milk Tea

Finally, we got to try Moonleaf milk teas!

We tried the Wintermelon, Oolong, and Yogurt milk teas.

We loved the Wintermelon (left) ! We enjoyed the fruity sweetness, complementing the earthy tea flavor. The Oolong (middle) milk tea had the right depth and strength, flavor-wise. This drink is for those who want their tea with a very pronounced flavor. The last one, the Yogurt (right) milk tea, had the ample amount of tartness, adding a welcome layer of flavor to the milk tea drink.

We chose pearls (taro balls) as our sinkers and enjoyed nibbling at them. We also found these pearls cute as they are green, unique, unlike the ones we usually see with the concoctions of other milk tea places.

Moonleaf is along Esteban Abada Ave., Katipunan, Quezon City.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Frozen Yoh-Gurt Bar & Frozen Mochi

From Yoh-Froz.

The first is a Classic Yoh-Froz Yogurt bar covered with milk chocolate and crispy rice puffs. We loved the play on texture: smooth yogurt, crispy rice puffs, rough chocolate shell. What we didn't like though was the chocolate itself. It was too milky. We prefer our chocolate bittersweet.

The Yoh-Froz Frozen Mochi was a winner! The Japanese rice ball itself had good, manageable stickiness (it wasn't hard or tricky to eat). It also had the right amount of blandness to showcase the frozen yogurt filling. There are many yogurt filling flavors to choose from: Classic, Strawberry, Red Mongo, Green Tea, etc. We chose the Classic.

Go to Yoh-Froz and try their new dessert offerings.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

More bottled Frappuccino

From Starbucks, of course.

We tried the Mocha Frappuccino a few months back, and didn't like it. Now, we have the Caramel, Vanilla, and Coffee variants to judge.

The Caramel Frappuccino is O-K; it's not bad sure, but it's not great either. We think the caramel flavor is not deep enough, does not have enough burnt taste. That's why it is easily drowned by the milk.

The Vanilla Frappuccino. Now this one, we like. It's like drinking ice cream. The vanilla flavor is a perfect complement to the milky one.

The Coffee Frappuccino isn't bad. There's enough coffee depth and bitterness (not to mention good Starbucks coffee taste) to balance the dominant milk flavor. But we don't find the drink exciting; it's forgettable.

The Starbucks bottled Frappuccino is available at Rustans Fresh and SM Hypermart.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Primablend Bakeshop's Leche Flan

A smooth, well-set custard, oozing with the perfect marriage of egg and milk flavor, topped with a caramel sauce that's not-so-sweet and has enough burnt flavor.

Tempted? Drooling? Then call Primablend now and try their leche flan.

Perfect partner: coffee

Monday, January 16, 2012

More, more Dunkin treats!

The Choco Wacko and the Coffee Crumble!

The Choco Wacko (Php 15) is a small honey-dipped chocolate doughnut with a delicious chocolate shell. The said shell is not too sweet, with a hint of bitterness. YUMMY!

The Coffee Crumble (Php 45) is from the Premium collection of Dunkin Donuts. A doughnut with mocha cream, chocolate swirls, more cream, and crunchy caramel-covered bits. The doughnut is delicious, and the cream's mocha flavor is pronounced but not overpowering. We just wished for more of those crunchy bits, for texture.

Perfect partner: good coffee.

Try them now!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Truffino Chocolat Noir

Milk-chocolate-covered wafers with hazelnut filling, by Swiss Delice.

Basically, they're elongated Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Haha!

The sweetness is just right, the chocolate flavor is satisfying, and the combination of textures makes these treats fun to eat.

Perfect partner: Coffee. Or vanilla ice cream. Yummy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kangaroo Jerky

Yes, you read it right: kangaroo! Cured kangaroo meat from Australia! By Mariani Foods.

How does it taste? It tastes weird. It tastes like ham with hints of hotdog and squid. Yes, squid! The first bite gives the meaty, slightly sweet flavor. Then comes the pungent seafood aftertaste. It's really weird!

Though we're happy to have tried something new, eating kangaroo meat is something we won't repeat anytime soon.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dunkcoctions: Café Mocha Shake

Dunkin Donuts unveils its new set of hot and cold drinks.

We asked the attendant which cold drink is the bestseller. She said Café Mocha Shake, so we tried it.

Well, it didn't taste like mocha. It tasted like liquified brownies, but good brownies, to be fair. The chocolate flavor was more pronounced than the coffee flavor. What we liked were the bittersweet chocolate chips used as toppings. They added the needed depth and bitterness to the drink.

Go to a Dunkin branch and try a Dunkcoction and judge for yourself.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Eating. It's More Fun In The Philippines!

Torones de Saba

Banana spring rolls!

Cardaba banana (saba) slices nestling inside spring roll wrappers, then coated with sugar and sesame seeds.

These treats by Victoria Food Products are a tad too sweet. Maybe they should go easy with the sugar coating. And the banana slices are too firm to be used for turon. But we like the sesame seeds; they add a layer of texture and nutty flavor.

Perfect partner: coffee. Or good vanilla ice cream.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tea-rrific Mango Smooth-Tea

We came back to Tea-rrific to try a Smooth-Tea, a concoction of fruit and oolong tea. We picked mango for our fruit, as it is highly recommended. We also requested for just 50% sugar.

We loved the drink! We liked the delicious marriage of flavors between the sweet ripe mango and the earthy tea; they were perfect together. Of course, we again enjoyed chewing the taro balls. The best part, we paid only Php 39! Sweet!

And yeah, we love the yellow and black color combo of the drink.

Try Tea-rrific now!

Tea-rrific is on the 2nd floor of SM City Masinag.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mini Coffee Cupcakes

They're by Sugar Fairies.

The cake itself is moist and flavorful. The coffee icing has good texture and the right amount of sweetness. The coffee flavor though is a little too subtle; a little more depth and bitterness would've made the frosting better. The coffee bean candy topping is too sweet, cringe-inducing.

These mini coffee cupcakes are cute and fun to be given as gifts.