Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Laughing Cow cheese

Nice name for a cheese brand, right? The Laughing Cow. But, is it fun to eat?

Well, no. We didn't like it. We found it too milky and sugary. It lacked the saltiness we always look for in a good grocery-store-bought cheese. Then again, we are not part of the brand's target market; we think it's peddled for kids. Well, with the white sugary sweetness, kids might like it.

We loved the texture though; the cheese was buttery smooth, easy to spread on hot bread.

The Laughing Cow cheese is available at leading supermarkets.


  1. pinapapak to ng aso ko. pag binuksan na ang ref, feeling niya lagi siyang bibigyan ng laughing cow.

    mamumulubi ako sa asong to. kainis. ang cute kasi. lol