Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Time: Tea-rrific!

From the company that gave us the fruit shake stand Fruitas comes Tea-rriffic!, the newest place to get milk tea.

We asked the attendant what milk they use for their drinks. He said that they don't use milk but a non-dairy creamer (love that!). We ordered a small cup (Php 39) of their bestseller, Oolong (black tea). So it's black tea, creamer, tapioca balls, and ice.

How was it? It was good enough, delicious enough, considering the price. A little more tea flavor would've made the drink perfect but we were satisfied anyway. We liked the good consistency of the drink, and we loved those tapioca balls. The balls were well cooked, of good quality, and fun to chew!

Our first Tea-rrific experience made us want to go back and try more drinks. We're setting our eyes, and mouths, on the fruity teas...

Tea-rrific! is on the 2nd floor of SM City Masinag.

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