Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Century Corned Tuna Inasal

It's the latest offering of Century Tuna.

It's corned tuna flavored with that distinct inasal marinade (vinegar with spices, unpunctuated, vinegar-dominated taste). One would think that the saltiness of the corned tuna would complement the bitin inasal taste. But no! This product is all about the fishy, sour flavor! We didn't taste inasal; it's more like kilawing tuna.

If we wanted sour fish, we would order paksiw.

Skip this one folks!

P.S. We heard that the Century Corned Tuna Inasal is endorsed by KC Concepcion and Piolo Pascual. Hmmm, no wonder it tastes bad. As fishy and sour as their sham romance.


  1. natawa naman ako sa PS mo Camillo. Buti na lang pala hindi ko ito binili sa grocery nung weekend.

  2. Sayang I bought one small can... i haven't tried it yet.