Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lucky Me Special pasta

Instant pasta from Lucky Me!

There are three variants: Curly Spaghetti, Baked Mac, and Mac & Cheez. Of course, we tried all three. And we liked them! All of them!

The Curly Spaghetti boasts of its yummy red sauce, and it should because the sauce is delicious. The sauce [almost] tastes like home made Bolognese, meaty, comforting, flavorful. The Curly Spaghetti also comes with a pack of dried red cubes resembling and replacing ground meat. These cubes are actually chewy when cooked, adding texture to the whole dish.

Next, the two macaronis: Baked Mac and Mac & Cheez. The first is delicious. The sauce is similar to that of Curly Spaghetti, only it has more cheese flavor. The second one is cheese overload! But the good thing is, it's not salty; only good cheddar flavor. And, surprisingly, it has a subtle smoky flavor. Maybe Lucky Me is going for bacon & cheese...Yum!

Of course, because they're from Lucky Me, these pasta dishes come with high quality noodles. We only wish they come in bigger servings.

The Lucky Me Special pastas are available at leading supermarkets.

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