Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yoh Froz Parfaits

Delicious, filling, and refreshing desserts/snacks from Yoh Froz!

Parfaits, made up of layers of frozen yogurt, cornflakes, fruit of choice (mango, strawberry, or blueberry), banana, granola, and almond slivers! Yummy!

We ordered two parfaits, mango and blueberry. We loved the freshness of the fruits, especially the banana's! And the to munch on! Of course, Yoh Froz's Original frozen yogurt was a good background to feature all the divine ingredients.

For those who like a lot of texture with their food, well, the Parfait has it all: crunch, creamy, and chewy!

An order costs Php 175. Try it!


  1. is this in rustans shangrila yohfroz

  2. Yes. And we're very loyal to that branch. =)