Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Dunkin' Premium Donuts

This time, we tried the Chococcino and the Dark Crunch.

The Chococcino is a glazed doughnut with a dark chocolate frosting and white chocolate chip topping. The doughnut is then cut in half to give space for the mocha filling. What we didn't like was the filling. Sure, the coffee flavor was there, but it was too rich; it made finishing the whole doughnut incredibly difficult. After finishing a piece, we felt like we couldn't eat another one again.

Next, the Dark Crunch: chocolate doughnut topped with vanilla frosting and bits of crunchy chocolate. Now this one's a winner! It's not too sweet, there's a perfect marriage of flavors, DELICIOUS! Best enjoyed with a good cup of coffee.

There, two more variants of Dunkin' Donuts's Premium goodies. Try them now!

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