Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monterey Sisig

Monterey offers a ready-to-cook version of one of the best dishes to be partnered with beer. No need to slave for hours boiling pig cheeks, chopping those cheeks, along pork liver, and other ingredients, then sauteing them all to the point of crispy. But the question: is Monterey Sisig as delicious as a home made one?

No. There's too much pig liver flavor in it! The liver taste is overpowering! Plus, when cooked [according to package directions], the sisig gives out a lot of liquid, making the whole dish almost mushy and a tad too wet.

The only thing we liked about this Monterey product was the heat; it's hot enough to whet one's appetite, but not too much to burn the tongue. But all in all, if you want delicious sisig, make one yourself. Or better, go to a restaurant that cooks it well (we suggest Sisig Domeng of Ken Afford).

The Monterey Sisig is available at leading supermarkets.

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  1. Well we all have different opinions, and I have tasted Monterey Sisig and it does taste good.