Friday, September 23, 2011

Lucky Me Pancit Pares: Beef Asado

It's Lucky Me's latest addition to its line of instant noodle dishes.

It's instant pancit made even easier to prepare. How so? There are no more separate flavor packs, i.e. the oil pack, the soy sauce pack, and the powder pack. The new Pancit Pares comes with a Sarsa Pak, or a sauce pouch, the contents of which you just pour over the noodles. Thus, no more messy mixing!

The Beef Asado tasted OK. It's beefy and savory. We just found it odd though that the sauce mix had hints of ginger flavor (do we put ginger in asado?). Nevertheless, the taste was satisfying punctuated. And because it's Lucky Me, the noodles are of high quality.

The Lucky Me Pancit Pares: Beef Asado is now available in leading supermarkets.

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