Sunday, September 18, 2011

KFC Streetwise Spoonfuls

Four desserts in little cups, each costing Php 29.

First off, the Chocolate Mousse. The pasty chocolate cake bottom has a slightly deep chocolate flavor, providing a good contrast to the subtle chocolate mousse middle layer. The creamy top adds the needed bland component to bring home the flavors of the dessert.

Next comes Chocolate Tiramisu. It's like the Chocolate Mousse with coffee. Too bad, the coffee flavor is not that delicious. But the consistency of the different layers are good, smooth.

Next, the Mango Cheesecake. The Graham crust bottom is delicious and provides the rough texture that complements the smooth cheesecake layer. Unfortunately, the mango topping is not good; its taste is artificial.

Last, the Choco Banana Pie. It's the best among the bunch. Every component is good, from the Graham crust, to the bittersweet chocolate, to the banana concoction. Delicious!

For those who want to indulge without spending a lot, try these Spoonfuls from KFC.

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