Friday, September 2, 2011

Donburi Meals

They're by Tokyo Tokyo.

The Donburi Meals are rice bowl dishes: rice coated with a flavorful sauce, which is a mixture of soy sauce, stock, and mirin, topped with your meat of choice.

The sauce was delicious; it had a right balance of sweet and salty, and the mirin flavor was not too strong. And the meat toppings were cooked well.

We tried three variants. First off, the Katsudon. The meat on top was a perfectly fried breaded pork chop. DELICIOUS! The pork chop was well-seasoned and didn't have a lot of fat.

Next, the Oyakudon. This time, the riced was served with breaded fried chicken chunks. DELICIOUS! Just like the pork chop, the chicken pieces were flavorful, meaty, and juicy.

Last, the Beef Sukiyaki. It had stir-fried beef strips, vegetables, tofu cubes, and vermicelli. Not so delicious! It was actually bland and boring to the palate. The beef slices though were tender.

Tokyo Tokyo also serves Fish Donburi and Crab Stick Donburi. We didn't try them because we're not fans of seafood.

An order of a Donburi costs Php 85. Try them.

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