Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Place: We love the shades of green and the comfortable couches. But the flies, no.

Food: Generally delicious. We tried the Okinawa, Nagasaki, Assam Milk Tea, Hokkaido, Mango Serenifruit Tea, and the Chicken Chop.

The Okinawa is milk tea with black sugar flavor. It's really good. One could actually taste the Assam tea flavor; it's not lost in all the sweetness. And the drink had a nice, just-right-creamy consistency.

The Assam Milk Tea features the original milk tea taste. Assam is Indian black tea and has a deep, robust flavor. We had it with 100% sugar, to provide some balance to the full flavor of the tea. As the Sinker, we had egg pudding, to have some fun, soft, and pulpy texture, and a layer of custard flavor.

Next, the Hokkaido, or Assam Tea with a very pronounced coconut flavor. It's like drinking macaroons actually. Good thing we only had 50% sugar with it, or else the flavor of the whole thing would be too dense. As the Sinker for this drink, we went with the fun Crystals (nata).

The Nagasaki is the original milk tea with honey. Actually, its taste is the same as the Assam Milk Tea's. Our taste buds couldn't find the honey.

Next, we had the Mango Serenifruit Tea. We chose black tea for this drink (one may have green tea) to see if the robust tea flavor would go well with a sweet mango taste. And it did! The drink was delicious and refreshing. And to make it more fun to drink, we chose Crystals as Sinkers. We only had 25% sugar with it so we could taste the marriage of tea and mango better.

Chicken Chop: They're crispy, fried chicken fingers, dusted with pepper, salt, and spices. These delicious treats had enough heat to make them appetizing, and, oddly enough, hints of cinnamon. They went well with the cold milk tea drinks.

Must-tries: Okinawa, Mango Serenifruit Tea, Chicken Chops

Price: Considering food quality and taste, prices are reasonable.

Service: The crew members should loosen up a bit.

Serenitea is at the Eastwood Cybermall, Libis, Quezon City.

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