Friday, July 22, 2011

Yummy Roast

Place: Clean, colorful, but a bit cramped.

Food: O-K. The Chinese five-spice flavors are a tad too strong. We had the Yummy Chicken (with Yummy Rice), Yummy Pork Asado, Yummy Pork Belly, and Tofu with Sauce.

The Yummy Chicken, Yummy Pork Asado, and Yummy Pork Belly had basically the same flavors: lasang Instik, meaning five-spice powder flavor, meaning pungent but not punctuated. All of the meat dishes though were cooked well; the meat pieces were juicy and had enough charring.

For Php 98, each dish came with an unlimited serving of rice. For the Yummy Chicken though we paid an extra Php 20 to change plain white rice to Yummy Rice. The cashier said that the Yummy Rice tastes like Hainanese Rice because of the special spices. So did it taste like Hainanese Rice? No! It tasted like arroz caldo because of the strong ginger flavor. Honestly, all it lacked was the broth and it could've congee, bad congee.

We also tried Tofu with Sauce (Php 50). We chose the meat sauce for our tofu (the other option is spicy). And how was the dish? Well, it had the same five-spice-pungent-but-bit​in-flavor. The tofu though was fried well and was of high quality.

Must-eat: Yummy Pork Asado (because it had the faintest five-spice flavor and the juiciest meat).

Price: Considering serving size, prices are reasonable.

Service: Good! The crew members were alert, knowledgeable about the products, neat-looking, and pleasant.

Yummy Roast is at Food Junction of Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.

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