Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wow Legs!

Place: Clean, well-lighted, well-furnished, colorful. The tables and chairs are amply spacious. It needs some cool air though.

Food: Delicious. Wow Legs! serves chicken legs and wings in three different ways: inasal, fried, and barbecue. We ordered the Sakto Meals (Php 49 each) for each chicken dish.

The Wow Inasal was delicious, similar to Mang Inasal's. The marriage of sweetness, saltiness, and charred flavor was what made it appetizing. It also had the right amount of blandness to keep one wanting for more.

The Wow Fried chicken was delicious too. The skin was crispy, and the meat juicy. It had the right amount of saltiness. The gravy that came with it however was a let-down; it was too salty and reeks of all-spice powder (yes, that ubiquitous Chinese spice).

The Wow Barbecue chicken was O-K. It lacked the sweetness that most Filipinos like in their barbecue. It was peppery and a little tangy. But the meat was grilled well; skin was perfectly charred and meat was cooked through.

By the way, meals come with free soup. The soup? Chicken tinola broth with tons of ginger. Talk about pungent...

The Sakto Meals come with a cup of rice, the free soup, and one gets a chicken wing. If one wants unlimited rice and the [wow] chicken leg, one should order the Wow Meals (Php 99).

Tip: eat with your hands, for the wow experience. Hehe!

Must-eats: Wow Inasal, Wow Fried chicken (without the gravy)

Price: Considering serving size, taste, and quality, prices are very reasonable. Cheap actually.

Service: The waiters are a little inexperienced. They are a little slow and inattentive. But they're cheerful and friendly.

Wow Legs! is along J.P. Rizal St., Sta. Elena, Marikina City.

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