Tuesday, June 20, 2017

First sip of the Nescafé Gold Latte Macchiato

It's one of the new flavors of the Nescafé Gold instant coffee mix.

Latte macchiato is steamed milk marked (thus "macchiato") or stained with espresso.

This one is really delicious! One can taste the distinct flavors of the creamy milk and the bold, strong coffee, perfectly mixed and balanced.

This is arguably the best Nescafé Gold variant to date.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Monday, June 19, 2017

First sip of the Nescafé Blend & Brew Brown

It's Nescafé's latest instant coffee mix with Nescafé milk and brown sugar.

We followed package instructions and made a cup with 150 ml of water. The result? A coffee drink that's TOO SWEET, it's almost diabetes-inducing! We added more water and still, the drink was too saccharine! Plus, it left a sticky, thick residue at the bottom of the cup. Yikes!

As for the taste, well, it had hints of caramel flavor. But brown sugar? Not really. Also, when you check the list of ingredients, brown sugar is not there. Hmmm...

Try it and judge for yourself. Better yet, don't!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

First bite of the Gangnam Bao

A sandwich treat from BonChon!

Fried chicken fillet smothered with either the Black Pepper sauce or the Double Garlic, then placed inside a soft dimsum bun along with some shredded cabbage.

Ang sarap! Tama yung pagkakaprito sa manok: malutong yung labas, juicy yung loob. Yung Double Garlic sauce ay Japanese mayonnaise pala na tinadtad ng bawang. Kahit tadtad ng bawang yung sauce, hindi matapang yung lasa. Yung bao, fresh at ang lambot! 

Panalo itong Gangnam Bao!

An order costs Php 89.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Friday, June 9, 2017

First bite of the Salted Egg Yolk Zinger

The hot and crispy Zinger chicken fillet is coated with a salted egg sauce, and is then placed between buns along with some lettuce. 

This is for those who like their chicken sandwich with some umpf. The buttery sauce complements the heat of the chicken that is perfectly fried (crispy outside, juicy inside). The lettuce adds the needed blandness, to temper the pronounced flavors. The best part though is the bread: fresh and soft! Ang sarap lagyan ng butter!

Try it and judge for yourself.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First sip of the Irish Cream Coffee Pudding Frappuccino

It's the Coffee Frappucino with a coffee pudding bottom and an Espresso whipped cream top. Then, the drink is dusted with Turkish coffee powder.

This one is delicious. It tastes like good coffee ice cream, slightly sweet and gloriously bitter (just like some of its drinkers).

A Tall order costs Php 175.

Try it and judge for yourself.

First sip of the Banana Split Mocha Frappuccino

A new concoction by Starbucks.

It's the jeje Frap with a big dollop of strawberry whipped cream, drizzles of banana sauce, then topped with whipped cream, hazelnut chocolate sauce, and waffle bits.

Ayos naman. Lasang banana split naman. Masyado nga lang matamis na natatabunan na yung ibang mga flavors. Tapos yung tamis, humahalo sa pait ng chocolate kaya minsan lasang gamot.

Sana, Dark Mocha Frappuccino na lang, tapos strawberry whipped cream, at saka hinaluan ng TOTOONG saging.

A Tall order costs Php 175.

Try it and judge for yourself.

First bite of the Kimchi Loaded Fries

A new offering by Wendy's

They're french fries drizzled with Kimchi Sauce and topped with bacon bits.

Masarap naman. The flavors of the Kimchi Sauce are authentic; nakuha naman nung sarsa yung tamang asim at anghang ng kimchi. 

May dalawa lang puna: kapag sumasama na yung lasa ng bacon sa Kimchi Sauce, tumatapang at umaalat na yung fries. Tapos sa presyong Php 55, ang konti ng fries!

Try it and judge for yourself.