Monday, December 4, 2017

First bite of the Red Velvet Special Mamon

A new mamon variant by Monde.

The mamon itself is fluffy and moist. It has the right amount of chocolate flavor found in authentic red velvet cakes. The cream filling though is not made with cream cheese; that's where the "red velvet" part falls short.

But for a red velvet interpretation of "Limited Edition" mamon, hindi na rin masama.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

First bite of the Maple Sugar Cream Cheese Pretzel Nuggets

Something new from Auntie Anne's

Little pretzel bites filled with cream cheese and covered with maple sugar. The subtle flavor of the smooth cheese filling perfectly complements the light sweetness of the maple taste. And those freshly made pretzel nuggets? Yum! 

A great snack option this treat is!

Try it and judge for yourself.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

First bite of the Pretzel Sandwich

A new treat from Auntie Anne's

Cheese and ham or bacon, nestling inside a high-quality, glazed pretzel bun.

Either meat is tasty and not salty. The cheese is creamy and has a subtle flavor. The pretzel bun is delicious!

Perfect with coffee!

Try it and judge for yourself.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

First slice of the Cheesy Lava Pan Pizza

Something new from Pizza Hut.

A thick-crust pizza topped with mozzarella, cheese blend, tortilla, top cheese, parmesan, and Mozza Sticks.

Texture wise, one can sense the "lava" part: gooey and creamy, perfect contrast to the crunchy crust.

As for the taste, well, despite all that cheese, the flavor is subtle and mild. Maybe stronger kinds of cheese are needed, for some more salt and pungency?

A Regular costs Php 269.

Try it and judge for yourself.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

First sip of Nestea Milk Tea

A new concoction from Nestea. There are three variants: Hokkaido-Style, Wintermelon, and Thai Milk Tea. We have the Hokkaido-Style.

To be fair, one can sense some authentic flavor, particularly the earthiness of the tea and the creaminess of the milk. The problem is, all those faint tastes are quickly drowned by a strong sugary sweetness!

Masarap sana yung lasa, kaso ambilis matabunan ng asukal. Sobrang tamis!

Try it and judge for yourself.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Quick bite of the Pritson

A new dish from Max's Restaurant.

Fried Cebu lechon, served with vinegar and a liver dipping sauce.

Crispy yet juicy, this pork dish differs from the ordinary lechon kawali thanks to a pronounced lemongrass taste.

The liver sauce is delicious, has a nice balance of sweet and savory. The vinegar on the other hand is too sharp and acidic.

An order costs Php 499.

Try it and judge for yourself.

First slice of the Truffle Brownie Cheesecake

A new Christmas dessert offering from Starbucks.

Brownie base. Cheesecake center. Chocolate truffle top.

Not much variety on texture (everything is mushy). As for taste, it doesn't taste bad. It just lacks more bitterness to have some depth and more sophistication. But the flavor and sweetness are OK enough.

A slice costs Php 150.

Try it and judge for yourself.